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Homestead Discount 2020

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Have you applied for the Homestead Discount yet?

I wanted to share this information with you for two reasons:
•To ensure your primary residence has the “Homestead Discount” which is a discount equivalent to about 20% of the cost of your property taxes.
• To make sure you don’t miss the deadline to complete and submit the application. Which for most counties is April 30th!

Here are the steps to follow:
1. Log in to the appropriate county your property is located in. Type the address and see if you already have the Homestead discount or any other(s) that may apply.
2. If such discount is under the former owners name, complete your own application.
3. If there is no discount on the property and you closed last year, complete the form attached and mail it in before April 30th.
4. Make sure your drivers license includes your accurate home address as most of the appraisal districts will require that you show proof of primary residence.

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