Client Services:

Client Services:

  • Complete Client Interview
  • Face to Face Consultation with a personalized Plan of Action
  • Pre-approval Letter vs Pre-qualification Letter with Automated underwriting findings
  • Weekly Follow up and weekend availability
  • Access to the Best Resources; Credit Repair, Insurance Agent, Rapid Re score, Accounting and more
  • 12 hour Underwriting scenarios
  • Privacy Protection
  • 20 day Closing
  • Competitive products, investors friendly programs including residential, commercial and hard money
  • Same day approval
  • Ability to pre-underwriting a application
  • Detailed explanation on; Timeline of the Loan Process, my team’s role, the Do’s and Don’ts, Current Market rates, Homestead application, Debt to income ratios, Bank vs Lender explanation, FHA vs Conventional explanation, Loan Level Price Adjustments, Closing costs, monthly payments and escrow accts.

Referring Partner Services:

Referring Partner Services:

Referring Partner Services:

  • Access to sales strategies and coaching
  • Extensive loan program options
  • Pre-underwriting, processing + 10 yrs of origination experience
  • Weekend availability
  • Marketing and community outreach support
  • 7 touch follow up process for leads
  • Face to Face joint client agent consultation
  • Preferred Lender Incentives with New Construction Relationships
  • Property marketing and exposure
  • Assistance with marketing videos and photos for listings
  • Fast closings
  • Competitive rates and closing costs for our clients
  • Weekly communication with all parties of the transaction


Mortgage Market 2019

Mortgage Market 2019:

  • Less Regulation
  • Higher Rates
  • More Purchases and less Refinances
  • Lower PMI or No PMI products
  • Non-QM Portfolio Products for Investment Properties
  • Easier Approvals for Self Employed Borrowers
  • Faster Turn Times
  • Better technology for faster loan submissions
  • Less costs associated to the processing of the loan, as a result of better technology

Loan Programs

Jumbo Programs:

Jumbo Programs: (Anything over $484,350 in Texas)

ELITE ACCESS- Jumbo products:

Elite Access is one of our Portfolio Lending Suite of home financing solutions.
These loans are designed to assist borrowers who are buying or refinancing a high-value property, with a higher qualifying FICO, but may not qualify for other Jumbo products.

Loan amounts up to $3 Million
Maximum LTV 95% up to $2 Million
Minimum FICO 700
Purchase, Rate Term refi, Cash-out refi and Debt consolidation available

High Balance, Nationwide Conventional Mortgage Product:

Loan amounts can go up to $679,650.00
The down payment is only 10% of the sales price
There is no mortgage insurance on this loan
Primary and second homes are eligible
The minimum credit scores is 680

Jumbo Programs, None QM: Anything over $484,350

Recent Housing Event Program:

1 day out of foreclosure, short sale, BK, DIL
Loans up to $3 million
Credit scores down to 620
The down payment can be as low as 20%

Asset Depletion Mortgage Product:

The Loan amounts can go up to $7,000,000
No tax returns are needed
U.S. residents and Foreign Nationals are eligible
The down payment can be as low as 20%

Bank Statement Program:

The Loan amounts can go up to $7,000,000
No tax returns needed
Credit scores down to 620
12 and 24 month bank statements can be used

Property Cash Flow Program for Investors:

The Loan amounts can go up to $7,000,000
No tax returns are needed
Credit scores down to 620
A Debt Service and NO Ratio Investor Loan, where the qualifying income is verified by the estimated rental income generated from the proposed subject investment-property.  All programs on this slide are eligible to Foreign Nationals

Portfolio Programs:

TAX ID or ITIN # program:

20% Down Payment
No Us credit is needed
Passport and TAX Id is needed

Commercial Financing:

This is eligible for Multifamily Residential and or Commercial Space
Loans can go up to 5,000,000 dollars
The minimum down payment is as low as 20% of the total project cost
We offer fixed interest rate based on long term loans, ranging from 10 to 20 years
We offer the lowest interest rates in the market
Also available to Foreign Nationals who are looking to expends their businesses to the US.

Portfolio Construction loan 1X close:

Interest only for up to 24 to build.
Primary and second homes
Once home is complete, it gets modified to full amortization to begin payments of principal and interest for remainder term at same initial rate.

Foreign National Loans:

Perfect for the citizen of another country, who travels to Houston for work or to visit family. Or relocation borrowers.
Second home, occupancy and investment.
20% down payment.
Passport and tourist Visa
No US tax returns are needed and No US credit is needed.

Conforming Loans – Primary Residence:

Conventional loan:

3% minimum Down Payment.
Monthly Mortgage Insurance is waived when borrower pays a onetime Premium upfront, along with their Closing cost and places 5% down payment.

620 Min Credit Score.
First time home buyer ok.
Loan Amounts up to $484,350.00
Fixed rates and terms
No prepayment penalties
Escrows can be waived
This is a Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Product.
Purchase and refinance transactions

FHA Financing:

3.5% minimum down payment
Primary residence only
600 min Credit scores
100% gift funds are allowed
No Credit scores are ok
Employment Work Visas such as DACA and TPS are allowed
Max loan amount $331.020 in Texas

VA Financing:

0% minimum down payment
Primary residence only
600 min Credit scores
100% gift funds are allowed
Available to Veterans, Service Members and select military spouses.

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