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Boxwood Mortgage Birthday 01-02-2019

The Roots of Boxwood Mortgage LLC. NMLS 1824674

Boxwood Mortgage LLC. was started by Patti Contrasto, affectionately known as “The Passion”.  Patti is a  passionate, hardworking, Mexican-Italian born in Canada and now a proud US Citizen.  She is a loyal and tenacious individual who believes in living a balanced and fulfilled life focused on growth, relationships, deep connections, adding value to humanity and learning about herself.

Boxwood Mortgage LLC was born Jan. 2, 2019.  However, the seed was planted almost 20 years ago in 2000 when Patti began her career in real estate – as a receptionist.  From that day she has continued to cultivate the soil the Boxwood Mortgage seed would grow in by working hard and learning every aspect of the mortgage industry.  The long germination period not only gave Patti ample time to gain experience in the mortgage industry over 7200 clients served to date and 1600 in loans funded, but also time to solidify the founding principles of Boxwood.

A boxwood tree is not known for its size, but rather its strength and strong roots.  This makes the boxwood a perfect match for Patti’s vision:  strength and quality trumps size and appearance.

On behalf of Boxwood Mortgage LLC:
Thank you for your trust in our mission and see you at the closing table!

Patti Contrasto | Mortgage Broker| NMLS #294661

Patti@boxwoodmortgage.com | Direct Line: 713-387-9521 | E-FAX 1-832-532-8202

Address: 2700 Post Oak Blvd Floor 21 (We Work Office), Houston Tx 77056

Boxwood Mortgage LLC | www.boxwoodmortgage.com |Co. NMLS # 1824674

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